Linkwheel is one of the best technique of SEO. The entire process relies on a wheel of links where one link leads to another link and so on to the last link which leads to the first page.  Each page conatain a quality blog post of your service with 2 or 3 links to your site. It build a wheel by building links of blog post with your link and unique content. Each site used to post your content will hav web 2.0 property. Google especially values these kinds of links for the content is qualitative as well as related or rather connected.

Benefits of Linkswheel

  • Article will be submitted to site which has web 2.0 property so it will surely help you to get indexed in Google
  • It will surely bring high traffic
  • Wheel of links will bring more traffic than any other SEO technique
  • The position you get in search engine because of it will be long lasting as it is a 100% organic method of SEO

    If you are looking for an SEO service kindly leave your requirement as a comment, we will surely get back to you.


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